Music Songwriting: How Song Writers Write It?

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At the time of music songwriting there are many songwriters that make use of contrast. Majority of the songwriters make use of this technique. Contrast is basically making sections of the song to stand out and make them sound different from the rest of the song. There are various ways through which songwriters make use of this both in lyrics as well as music.

There are many ways through songwriters achieving contrast and some of them are as follows:

Make the attempt to make the melody high in the chorus as compared to the verse. The songwriters will actually write the chorus in the highest comfortable zone which will give the space to verse lower. In case there is a quarter note for main rhythm for the verse melody. Many a times there are rhythmic contrast in the lyrics.

If the songwriter goes harmonically for songwriting then the songwriter will try and change the chords progression through the sections. The best thing that can be done is to keep in mind the different chords that will begin each section.

Songwriter can also create lyrical contrast. There are many ways through which songwriter can make contrast. The songwriter can change the placement or the pattern of the rhymes that exist between the verse and chorus. Songwriter will also make sure that whatever pattern will be utilized for the verse will remain constant throughout all the verse. This is something that will also be ensured for the chorus. Throughout the song the songwriter will take care that the primary vowel sounds of the rhymes is maintained. Consistency is something that the songwriter will like to maintain in their music songwriting. In case in the verse there are long lines included with lots of syllabus then there are chances that songwriter might use short lines by making use of lot of syllabus in the chorus. This creates the contrast automatically at the time lyrics will be set into the music. The songwriter also takes care of the pronouns used in the lyrics. That is in case the songwriter is making use of I or me in the verses then the songwriter will make use of you in the chorus. The songwriter in the music songwriting will not make use of two many contrast but then will surely apply some of the contrast as these are the minute things that will grab the attention of the listeners and make the song famous.
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Music Songwriting: How Song Writers Write It?

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This article was published on 2010/12/31